If your Trading Partner sends you an order change then you will be notified about the change via email. The email will outline the changes or you can come into the order in The Order Exchange to review it. When reviewing it in the system you will be able to see the changes to ship date, ordered quantity and prices. For example the line below shows that you originally accepted a quantity of 1 and now the retailer is requesting 5 to be shipped.

As The Order Exchange cannot determine how far through the pick/pack cycle you are it will email you and then you can choose one of the following actions.

1: Update the order manually in your ERP system by simply apply the changes. This may be easiest for small changes or if you have already started processing the order.

2: Remove the order from the ERP system and reimport the updated order using the 'Reimport' function. This will replace the existing order and it is important to remove the original order first from the ERP system. Note that when doing cross dock or DC orders this method is the preferred option.

3: Do not accept the change. In this case you should contact the store to discuss.

Please view the attached demonstration video for more information.