Sometimes credit invoices are raised to reverse the invoices created in the A/C system. But TOE system is not handling credit invoices, so they can not be uploaded through the system. If users need to create credit invoices they will have to manually send it to the retailer. 

The order need to be rejected if that order is not going to be supplied. For that the order number attached to the invoice needs to be removed first. That will remove the link between the invoice and the order. After that the invoices need to be removed from the order.

FOr that open the order, Go to Shipment/Invoices tab; right click on the invoice and select Remove.

After that go to the Dashboard, right click on the order and select Reject. The order status will be moving to Rejecting and once the order is processed it will be REJECTED.

When the order is rejecting an Acknowledgement will be sending to the retailer with the status code change of REJECTED. However if it doesn't need to be informed to the retailer the status can be changed manually. Right click on the order; select Advanced; Change Status; REJECTED.

Please contact The Order Exchange Support if there are further issues.