Some of the settings can be paramatized so that values from the document/order can be used. For example the customer code. To paramatize a value use curly brackets with the field name in it to do the replacement such as '{OrderNumber}'. You can also use sub objects using syntax such as '{SHIPTO.Code}'.

There are also a range of preset values such as 

  • {DATETIME} = yyyyMMddhhmmss
  • {TIME} = hhmmss
  • {yyyy} = yyyy
  • {MM}=MM
  • {MMM} = MMM
  • {dd} = dd
  • {hh} = hh
  • {mm} = mm
  • {ss} = ss

Extra commands can be also placed on the end in the format of '{SHIPTO.GLN:R:5|L:4}'. In this example the system will take the right 5 characters of the GLN, and then the 4 left characters. The following extended commands are available

  • Right String = R:#
  • Left String = L:#
  • Format = F:<format> 
  • Date Format= D:<format>