Sometimes some customers create multiple shipments for one order.
Certain Accounting systems create different numbers when it comes to Sales orders, Shipments and invoices. 

So the system needs to link them together and in such scenarios we use the position number of the shipment as a decimal value.

This is what is happening in DEAR inventory system


TOE creates and import an order of 12 items. So the invoice number will be the SO number (Sales Order number)

Now they create different shipments of 4. Each shipment needs to be mapped to the invoice and is done based on the position.


So when the first shipement created invoice number in TOE will be {SalesOrderNumber}.1

Second shipment {SalesOrderNumber}.2   etc

When any of these shipments are invoiced in the A/C system this number will be changed to the SI number and that will be sent to the retailer.