There are a range of status's that we use in The Order Exchange, depending on what modules/systems you are using.



An order will be at this stage just before it gets imported. If you see an order at this stage you can right click it and select PROCESS


This marks your order as archived and files it away in the system so it is cleared from your dashboard.


Notification has been sent to your 3PL of the order but an acknowledgement has not yet been received from the 3PL


Some users do not want orders to be imported to their ERP straight away because they like to adjust quantities or  reject lines. There is a retailer setting which decides whether the orders import straight away or users need to approve them. If that setting is enabled, when the orders download and have been validated they stay at AWAITINGAPPROVAL until the user performs  whatever adjustments they need, then right click and approve the order which turns the status to APPROVED


If an original order has been changed (Ex: Unit Price change, Quantity Change, etc), depending on each retailer requirement the system sends a change confirmation to the retailer. This status confirms that a change has taken place, that the retailer has been informed however no acknowledgement has been received. See our knowledge base article Awaiting Change Response for more information. 


Your order has been, imported, sent and invoiced and is now complete. No further processing will be done on it.


When an order has been changed the system checks whether that file has anything changed compared to the original order. If there is any change it updates order status to CONFIRMCHANGE. If you open an order with this status you will see a yellow triangle at line level which says what the change is. 


Users can right click and  select Confirm Change and it will ask whether to re-import the order or not. If they select re-import (Order status will change to VALIDATED) the order will create another invoice with the changes adjusted. Then users will have to remove the old invoice and process the new one. If they do not re-import (Order status will change to IMPORTED)they can adjust the changes in their invoice.


Your order has been received into The Order Exchange, validated and sent to your accounting system.


Your order has been imported into the order exchange


Your order is in between stages. Orders should not sit in this stage for too long. Any orders that are sat in this state need investigating to see if they are stuck in the system somewhere,or if there is a problem with them.


Your order has been imported into The Order Exchange, validated and is ready to be uploaded into your accounts system.


This order will not be completed and sent out. See How to reject an order for more information.


When an order is currently being scanned it is set to SCANNING, during this stage the order is locked and nothing will be changed to the order until scanning has been completed.


Once the canning has been completed the order status is set to SCANNINGCOMPLETE


For orders that are awaiting scanning, the status will be at SCANNORDER


The order is in the process being sent to the 3PL


The order has been sent to the 3PL


Your order has been imported into The Order Exchange however there are some validation issues that need to be rectified before it can be sent to your accounting package. See Validation Issue Knowledge Base Article for more information