Since XERO doesn’t support the information, we can default it on our side 


Also Regarding Shipment information - there are 2 options:


Option 1:  (Our normal way) As Xero does not have anywhere to store this information we can use an ItemCode that goes on the invoice for these numbers. These are the item codes we can support. Basically you place these on the invoice (as $0 lines) with the value in the description field.

    • CarrierReference
    • CarrierAlphaCode 
    • CarrierRouting
    • CarrierTransMethodCode
    • CarrierEquipmentNumber


Option #2: You can enter this information into our screens


Option #1 would be preferred. It basically extends Xero and we can template these items so they appear at the bottom of each order we import. I think you would need CarrierReference and CarrierRouting. If you can Ok this then we can set it up, if you need more information then we can arrange a session to go through it.