Validation Issues

Error reports will usually indicate if there has been a Validation issue - this will also be shown on the dashboard for Orders that require attention;

TOE checks for barcode, fineline then item code

Click on line with validation issue and left click to select open (or double left click on the line to open up order)

Look for line that is invalid.

Check the match item drop down first -> bring up the drop down list and search for the missing item by item code

If found then select the item and save changes made (bottom right hand side of screen) 

go back to dashboard -> Right click on the order and hit process

If that doesn't work you can try to reset the order to re-process and see if there is still a validation issue

Item Not Found

If the item was not found it may need to be added to the accounting system first then refreshed back into the Order Exchange

If the item has been entered into the the accounting system already or has been added after the validation issue then it will need to be refreshed

In item settings look for the barcode in item details.

If not there - Check in accounting system

If in accounting system check custom field in item details and add in accounting system.

Refresh TOE -> Bottom left side of the screen in Item Details page is the refresh Items -> press to refresh any changes made in the accounting system (Order Exchange will add, change and remove items that have been modified in the accounting system to match).

Then press Save in bottom right side of Item Details screen.

Do another search for the item -> it should now appear when searched.

Go back to the Dashboard and process the Order With the Validation issue.

Barcode Issues

Issue 1

I have added a barcode into the accounting system but store is still showing validation issue with barcode.

First check in TOE item settings that barcode is showing, if not hit the refresh items at the bottom of the screen then check barcode is showing.

Go back to the dashboard and process.

Issue 2

If no barcode is found in accounting system you need to contact Bunnings .

Issue 3

I have checked the accounting system and TOE and it all looks ok.  Click and highlite store right click and scroll to reset order enter, then go back and process the order.

Store not reconized (not imported) but is in accounting system.

Click on the #   (if valid or not)

Go to retail settings

Check import customer is ticked

Click box and save (green button bottom of screen).    Go back to the dashboard and process.

Go back to dashboard and hit process.

No invoice date

Click on line and see store details

If no details there supplier can ring the store and see can they process manually


Supplier can credit and reinvoice with the correct information.

Error not importing (MYOB)

If new # check with supplier do they insert the cards or do we.

If us see Store not reconized not importing above.

Barcode has been added into accounting system but is still showing invalid

Click and open store

Click on cell and open drop down box and find matching code.

Click and hit save.

Go back to dashboard and process.

If duplicate orders

Scroll down and click on line/store high lite right click and scroll down to reject enter TOE will pick it up on the next run.

If store already invoiced in accounting system delete the duplicate invoice TOE will pick up on the next run.