Sometimes you might notice that The Order Exchange system is not working correctly. For example you might notice that orders are not coming through to your A/C system. 

Please open TOE and hit the big green button "Process Orders" and it should process all the orders. If you receive errors and if it still stops importing orders to the A/C system please contact our support. (

If it works fine open the Task Scheduler, select The Order Exchange task and check for "Last Run Result"

Sometimes you will notice that it has ended up with the error code 0x8007052E.  

This occurs when the windows login password is changed, but the task scheduler password is not updated. So right click on the task; select edit and do a small change (erase and add the same value which was there for a field) and hit ok.

Then it will prompt a dialogue box to enter the password. Enter the same password of windows login and hit ok.

Please monitor your system for next few hours and check whether the task scheduler is working without any issues.

Reference -

Please contact our support. ( if there are any issues.