You can run The Order Exchange in the cloud by using an Amazon Workspace. This needs to be set up but your company and is subscription based.

Pricing for Workspaces are found here . The Order Exchnage does not require a large amount of resources so we recommend using a standard bundle with at-least 4G of Memory and 50GB of user space. The system can run with more/less specifications depending on the speed and storage you want.

Full instructions can be found here;

Once signed up you need to create a Windows Workspace. To do this please follow the instructions on the link above.

The Order Exchange can run on most versions of Windows and does not require any additional office software so a Standard Windows 10 bundle is fine. Please note that the workspace should be permanently running (running Mode = AlwaysOn).

When in Workspaces go to Actions -> Modify Running Mode Properties

Change settings to 'Always On'

Also please ensure you store the Username and Password for the Amazon Workspaces as you will need it in the future.

Once you have created a workspace using the Wizard you can find the registration code located in the Workspace area.

Once setup you can log in using the web browser or the Amazon Workspaces Client found at . You will need the workspace registration code and the user that you set up for this workspace. 

You can send us the registration code, username, and password and our staff can install on the workspace.

Login to the Amazon Server using the App - instructions can be found on Step 2 in the Amazon website