Ostendo Setup

Set up Service

Normally the this is done by the consultant. 

 Open Ostendo (run as administrator) and go to File”=>”API Services” => “API Configuration”

Install and start the service.

Set configuration screen

Attach to Ostendo

The Service URL come from the API Service Configuration

The Security Key if found in Ostendo under “File”=>”API Services” => “API Security”

Add a new one if we don’t have one. The select the line in the grid and click API Key

The configuration ID is the number from “File”=>”API Services” => “API Configuration” for the configuration pointing to your database.

Cust Store# Field is the field on the customer where they will store the store number.

NOTE: If the supplier is set to invoice a different card then the invoice customer needs to be placed in the retailer setting customer parent field.

When importing if you get the following error;

<value>exception 104  NOSUCHLOOKUPVALUE  There is no such No Such ORDERTYPE DirectSales  At procedure 'LOOKUP_VALIDATION' line: 75, col: 15 At trigger 'SALESHEADER_REQUIRED' line: 54, col: 1</value>

Go into Ostendo - Local Customer copy

Open up Sales Orders

Under Type - See what it has been called locally

Then update the Artifact file in Order Exchange - 'Save Sale Transform'

update the <ordertype> 


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