Open The Order Exchange application, go to Accounting Settings and select the Accounting System “Netsuite”

Follow these instructions to obtain the connection information.

Open Netsuite as an administrator.

Note the two factor authentication code which will be sending to the authorized person.

Ensure Token based authentication is on

Setup > Company > Enable Features

Select Suite Cloud tab and under Manage Authentication enable Token-Based Authentication.

Add a new integration

Go to Setup > Integration > Manage Integration > New

Create a new integration with the following details.

Name – TheOrderExchange

Description – TheOrderExchange

Enable Token-Based Authentication.

Select Save.

This generates the application ID as well as the consumer key and secret that need to go into the connection screen

The application ID appears here can be used. This application ID is entered in the Accounting System Settings application ID field.

Set WebService preferences

 Go to Setup > Integration >Web Services Preferences

Copy the Account ID

To get the Role ID, Select the username from the drop-down list in the lower region of the screen

Select the corresponding Role associated with the user account. 

If the role or user is not created yet see the next 2 sections.

Copy the ID and this is the Role ID

Create a Role

Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New

Under permission tab add all the permission required.



It may take 10 mins to take affect.

Assign Role to user

Assign the Role to the desired user. Go to Lists > Employees > Employees

Select the employee and select Edit

Go to the Access tab  and Roles subtab.

Select the required roles.

(Administrator and The Order Exchange API Role)

Create Token IDs

On the confirmation screen, note the Application ID, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. 

Copy these values temporarily to a text editor for future reference

Create a new Access Token. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens > New. 

Select the Integration record, User, and Role created or referenced in the previous steps.

On the confirmation screen, note the Token ID and Token Secret. Copy these values temporarily to a text editor for future reference

NOTE the role may take several hours to process in the background before it is ready