When the customers pick the items, it is easy for them if the picking list is ordered by the warehouse, aisle, shelf, etc. This information is carried inside Pick face field. This is found in Item Details as a column, and the value it contains can be defined in Item Settings. If you need to sort items based on the Pick face, "Pick Face" can be selected from"Sort Items By" drop down.

This field can contain alpha numeric values. 

Example: If Item "AAA" is in Warehouse D, aisle 01, Shelf 05, Row 02 and 04th column - The Pick Face can be as follows;


Please make sure to add 01 to make the sort functionality work correctly. (shelf 1 --> should be 01)

This field can contain characters maximum up to 20.

If you have more issues regarding Pick Face please contact support@theorderexchange.com.au