The MYOB Advanced connection normally uses the standard 20.200.001 built in webservices. Note we do support the web services as far back as 6.00.001 but always recommend using the latest version.

Under a standard setup we utilise the following web service endpoints

  • StockItem 
  • InventoryItemCrossReference
  • Customer
  • SalesOrder
  • SalesOrderShipment
  • SalesInvoice

The system can be customised and we can use extended web services to handle custom fields and other features.

To connect to MYOB Advanced will do need a valid user name, password, company, and the branch information. This information is entered into our accounting adapter screen and is securely stored.


  • The Company will  use the default if left blank and if there are not multiple companies.
  • Endpoint name is setup in MYOB Advance
  • The Trading partner 'customer' code is set to CustomerID, but this can be changed to any field found on the MYOB Advanced customer

The web services can be viewed in the MYOB System => Integration area under "Web Service Endpoints"

If  a client want to load a different field in to the system, another option is "EDIStoreId" in Web Service Endpoints. 

The Order Exchange Setting 

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