The migration is fairly simple and is as follows:

1: Turn off the current system and back up (best time this as soon as the copy of the Accounting system is made to avoid orders going to the wrong database)

2: Install on the new environment (prerequisites = .Net Framework 4.7.1, SQL Express 2014+ with Tools including Sequel Studios SSMS)

3: Restore the SQL database from the old to the new Server

4: Check and test connection

5: Turn on schedule

We will need access to both machines with sufficient rights to install.

The cost for re-installation is $350 ex tax. If you are happy to proceed then please give the expected date.

To speed up the process - the quicker we can access the new server to download and pre-install all software the smoother it may go and avoid unforeseen complications on the day such as insufficient privileges when installing.

Please confirm this is ok and you wish to proceed and advise remote login details as soon as you can