For API to work - Customer will need a spare licence or to purchase a Licence for it to work


You need a dedicated 2nd user of Ostendo to run the API Services for Ostendo. We call this user the API technical user.
The fee is AUD 1250 to buy the technical user, then it 20% renewal fee every year thereafter.

Do you want me to send you an invoice now for the API user. Thanks and hear from you soon. Liz

Purchase Order Number:- xxxxxx

Purchase Description:- Annual License Renewal for Ostendo Operational Software

Company Licensed:- xxxxxx

Ostendo Concurrent Users:- 1

Ostendo Freeway Users:- 100 smartphones/remote tabletsNB:- You need 2 users to connect cellphones with office.

License Renewal Period:- 17 June 20xx to 27 June 20xx