Sometimes when Reckon is used as the A/C system, it fails to connect in TOE in automatic process.

It ends up with the error message 

The accounting system connection failed (Cannot Continue)

There are certain requirements to connect Reckon to the TOE.

  1. Reckon should be opened under the same Reckon file which is used in TOE Accounting settings
  2. Reckon should always be logged in under the specified user when TOE is running
  3. The Reckon file should not be open in anywhere else while TOE is running.

So when creating the Task scheduler these facts needs to be considered. 

  1. In order to achieve that "Run only when the user is logged on" should be selected 
  2. And "Run with highest privileges" should be selected
  3. The Order Exchange needs to also 'Run As Administrator' if not using the administrator account

Please check above and if it is still having issues when connecting to the A/C system in silent runs, please contact The Order Exchange support;