Related Errors: "Error in formula  DeliveryBarcode" "UFL 'u212com.dll' that implements this function is missing.'"

Sometimes when you print Delivery Dockets the barcode is not printing as expected instead it prints some characters. 

This happens when the barcode font is not installed. To install the font first click on the cog of TOE, Administration > Install > 128 barcode font. This needs to be done for the Crystral Reports as well.

If you navigate to Administration > Open > Program Folder you will see Installer Folder. Inside that the fonts folder appears, and you will see the installer there. Double click on that and it will install the barcode software. If this requires admin privileges you can right click and run as administrator. The same thing needs to be done for installcrystal as well.

When you change the PC where you run TOE system these software needs to be installed. Additionally sometimes when you login to the PC under a different user profile you will have to install these. 

Please contact if you have more issues.