Errors coming back from MYOB - these are MYOB errors coming back from the accounting system and not Order Exchange errors

 An error has occurred in 'Importing Order' - 'Encountered a communication error ('
 An error has occurred in 'Importing Order' - inner exception : 'The remote server returned an error: (409) Conflict.'

We can no longer connect to MYOB and each order we are trying to do is taking a lot longer as its not working and we are trying for a few minutes on each order

Services are still running but MYOB will have now locked the program out  - you will need to try and refresh the connection and re-authorise to see if that works

Can you go on our Program under

Accounting system
Refresh Accces Tokens

Once you have tried this - see if the issue still persists - may also be relating to speed issues locally on the PC we are installed on and trying to connect to MYOB