Sometimes we need to check the invoice information or picked information Indigo8 returns. We can follow below steps to check what invoice information is receiving through;

1. Get the database back up and debug the code

2. Run The Order Exchange in debug mode to see if the debug information returns any invoices information

3. Use Postman app to get the information that comes through the API

How to use Postman App

You need to have the Postman app installed in your PC. 

1. Need to identify what the method is. Since this is trying to get invoice information this will be a GET method.

2. Then need to determine what header information is needed.

     For that open the code for Indigo8 Accounting Adapter and search for GetInvoiceInformation(). Inside GetWebClient() it shows what header information it requires. For this it needs EDIAPIKey. In the Accounting System Settings the value is found under Security Key

3. Then need to get what the service URL is. The service URL can be found in Accounting System Settings. 

Need to get the rest of the URL from the code. 

Once all the information are entered click on Send and it will populate the information below.