If the systems receives a response file from a 3PL company, but the order in our system is not set to 'AWAITING3PLRESPONSE' then you will receive this message. 

It can be caused by 

  1. The 3PL sending 2 response files for the same order
  2. You have invoiced the order before we received the response from the 3PL electronically (so the order no longer expects a response)

Normally these errors can be ignored unless you require SSCC label information from your 3PL.

You may also encounter this issue during the 3PL testing process if test 945 documents are sent against a PO that is in the incorrect status in TOE. 

In order for a  945 document to load into TOE successfully, the corresponding PO must be in the status 'AWAITING3PLRESPONSE'

To revert the status of the PO so that the test 945 can process:

  1. click into the order > shipments-invoices tab > right click the shipment document > choose status "AWAITING 3PL"
  2. return to the dashboard > right click the order and change to status to "PROCESSING"