When The Order Exchange receives orders from the retailer it first validates them inside the system, then Approve the order and import it into the ERP system.

This approval process can be set to happen automatically or to be done by someone manually. This can be decided through a retailer setting.

Select the cog --> Retailer Settings --> And select the retailer of which you need to setup the setting

Inside the retailer setting you will see an option called "Approve Orders" under the section "Importing";

If "Approve Orders" is ticked --> Means the user needs to Approve every order manually. In this situation all new orders will validate and will sit in "AWAITINGAPPROVAL" status until the user approves them. User can select the order from the Dashboard, right click and then select Approve. The order will now change to "APPROVED" status. Now the user can select the order right click and process so it will get imported to the AC system or can leave it to the automatic process to import the order.

If "Approve Orders" is un-ticked --> Then the approval will be done automatically. In this situation if a new orders comes to the system it will validate, approve and will be imported to the AC system straight away.

Based on above requirements you can either tick or un-tick the "Approve Orders" setting and then Save. 

Please contact support@theorderexchange.com.au if you have any further issues.