Once prompted to choose your accounting system or by going to the setup cog and selecting Accounting System => Settings select 'Quickbooks' from the list.

You will need the following information.

The Location of your Quickbooks file (QBW) normally located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files. You can see the location of this file by hovering your mouse move the company name when opening Quickbooks

Optionally you can give the sales order template you wish to use. This can be seen when you create a sale in Quickbooks in the top right of the screen and is normally 'Custom Sales Order'

The final 3 settings are related to performance. and please set as shown below.

IMPORTANT: For the first time you access Quickbooks please have it open and logged in as the Admin account. This is required so you can allow access for The Order Exchange to communicate with Quickbooks. Also you should be in multi user mode.

Click "Test" and the following screen will appear so that you can allow The Order Exchange to communicate with Quickbooks

Please allow full access as shown above.

Once completed The Order Exchange will indicate the connection is good.

The system is now connected and please click continue.

You will then be shown a list of items from Quickbooks. 

Before you hit continue it is important to nominate the field you will use for the barcode. Go to the Settings Tab

If you are using Quickbooks Enterprise then you can turn on the barcodes in the "Advanced Inventory Settings" located in the Items and Inventory preference screen. In this case the barcode field is BarCode. If this is not available to you then you need to add a custom field (call it BarCode for consistency) and your barcode field will be 'DataExtRet[DataExtName='BarCode']/DataExtValue'

Click Continue

You will now be asked about your Tax codes. EDI needs to map you tax codes so that the retailers understand what tax is being applied. Simply select the tax type for the tax codes you will be using then click continue

Please also make sure that the freight companies that you set up in The Order Exchange also exist in Quickbooks as a Ship Via method.

You are now configured to Quickbooks and please see help sections on setting up the retailer settings for the next steps.