You can have order importing issues due to multiple reasons;

- If you see an order sitting in TOE with status VALIDATIONISSUE, that means the order has failed to validate. You can follow below article to sort validation issues.

- If you see an order with VALIDATED status, that means you are one step behind the importing stage. Select the order from TOE dashboard right click and select process. It will change status to IMPORTED.

- If you see the order status in IMPORTED status but do not find an invoice number against the order (with value TBD only) that means the order has imported from TOE and has sent the importing file to Datapel, but it hasn't processed yet by Datapel.

You can select such orders right click and process so the invoice number will appear if they are existing in Datapel.

If the system ends up with errors when you process orders in any of above stages, please click on the "View Logs" option on right bottom  and it will open the logs prompt. Click on Open Log Files and it will open the log file in a notepad. Please attach that log file and email to if you still have issues with the particular order.

If we cannot link to the customer code - check to see which field we are linked to in the Get Customer SQL in the Accounting system settings- 

for example CustGLN goes into the Tax ID NUMBER inside of Datapel . ( this is the default GLN number area)