Error Occurred while Importing


08-Jan-2020 03:50:00 : An error has occurred in '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><?qbxml version="13.0"?><QBXML>    <QBXMLMsgsRq onError="stopOnError">              <CustomerQueryRq>            <FullName>Domestic</FullName>       </CustomerQueryRq>   </QBXMLMsgsRq ></QBXML>' - 'no exception details'

08-Jan-2020 03:50:01 : An error has occurred in 'Customers found = 0' - 'no exception details'



When run in Debug mode it will have the XML file sent to QB for more information – below will show what was sent to QB – in this case <ListID/> was blank


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<?qbxml version="13.0"?>


                <QBXMLMsgsRq onError="stopOnError">








                                                                                <Addr1>TARGET DC                     0557 (0557)</Addr1>

                                                                                <Addr2>1100 E VALLEY RD</Addr2>












                                                                                <Desc>AIR MATTRESS</Desc>









                </QBXMLMsgsRq >



Check the Retailer setup


Make sure its still a valid setup for this Retailer