To get the pick information from MYOB Advanced the system needs to access the shipments packages and the contents of the packages. Also, to update/create shipments we also need the SplitLineNbr 

Note that the carton SSCC number is expected in Custom Ref Nbr 1 and pallet SSCC is in Custom Ref Nbr 2. If not using a carton or pallet then leave blank

Unfortunately as at web service version 18.200.001 the default web services cannot return the package content. This means we have to extend the default web service as follows

Go the the web services and select the default endpoint. Use “Extend Endpoint” to extend the Default Webservice and name it TOE_Default


Find the Endpoint 'Shipment', expand it, and select the Packages node. 

** Go to the fields tab as click "Extend Entity". The click to Insert button

Create a new entity called Contents, Object Name as ShipmentPackageContent, and Type as Detail

Once it has been create, go to the fields tab

Click 'Populate' and choose “Packages -> Contents of Selected Package”

Select all and click OK


Click Save

If you want to create shipment you must expose the SplitLineNbr. Go to Details -> Allocations and add the highlighted line

Click Save

Now go to The Order Exchange and change the Endpoint Name to TOE_Default

and you are right to go!