You can set the system up to Automatically email the SSCC labels inside of Dear Systems once the shipment is authorised. To do this you need to do the following steps.

Obtain you unique supplier id from the Order Exchange. You can do this by logging into the order exchange and selecting Supplier from the main menu. Edit the supplier you are trying to set up and copy the supplieruid=<uid> in the address bar.

Now go to Dear Systems and go to Setting Automation

Now select Notifications

Now open u Sales and got to 'Sale has been shipped'

Please Set up the screen as follows

Activate the Notification

Turn off the internal and email action, turn on external

Click the 'External' tab

Click the '+' button

Set the external URL to<yourID>&emailto=<Your email Address>

Make it Active

Click Save.

If you set emailto to blank then they system will use the warehouse email address if not set, if it is not set then it will use the supplier email address. Note that emailto must be provided.