The following is some of the common Xero frequently asked questions. More FAQ's specific to The Order Exchange can be found in our support sites FAQ section.

How often is data synchronised?

Xero data is synchronised on a schedule. By default this is once an hour, but can be configured in the Task section of our program. Note this process can also be manually fired off by the user.

Do I have to enter all my items into The Order Exchange?

The Order Exchange treats Xero as "the source of truth" and will read all available data from Xero, so no you do not need to maintain your item list in both systems. Note that for some retailers you may need to store extra information about the items in our system.

How does the retailer information match to may Xero data?

This is configured during the retailers accreditation, but on a simple level the customers are determined based on the customer name, and items will also use the item name, but things such as barcodes and retailer assigned codes need to be stored in our system against the Xero item.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

The Xero connections authorisation is controlled from inside Xero, at any stage you can check you connected applications in Xero by going to . From there you can disconnect applications you no longer require.