Users can be set up to only have access to the scanning module of TOE, to do this please contact with a list of users that need to be set up.

On your mobile device go to:

Demo users can use (please contact us for the password)


Enter your Login details and password into the above screen and click LOGIN 

You will then be taken to the SCAN dashboard

At the top of the screen you have your date range:

and next to that the status of the orders being shown:

Both of these options can be changed to suit your requirements just by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the options.

To open up and perform a scan press the edit button next to the order you wish to scan:

You will then see the scanning screen:

Starting at the top you have your order number and below that you can either view picks or cartons:

The system will automatically select the first item on the list to pick and pack:

You can change this by using the Show Details button and selecting another product from the list:

The Barcode will be entered in automatically from the the details scanned from your scanning device as will the quantity and once you have completed the scan for this product use the RECORD button to record your scan:

You can scan as many items as needed into a carton, and when you are ready for a new carton, user the New Carton Button:

at the bottom of the screen you will see how your order is progressing:

You can also go to the cartons screen to see what has been selected into which pallet

Once you have finished your scanning, use the scanning complete button at the bottom of the screen:

Batch numbers and best before dates can also be used in this screen, please contact us should you wish this feature to be turned on.

If you are using your scanning device for the first time, please ensure that your data wedge is turned off as this may direct you to a invalid web page.