Below are the other options that are available regarding a 3PL connection and can be discussed further?

  1. SPS Fulfillment Portal - Offer your 3PL a login to the SPS Fulfillment portal so the 3PL can do the ASN’s for you (Have a lot of recent connections that has been setup this way for 3PL companies who did not have EDI capabilities). Then we have EDI invoices and Purchase Order Response through The Order Exchange automated from our system. This is usually if they are not EDI compliant or not fully EDI compliant


  1. TOE Emailing - We can get the system to email through the pick slips and SSCC labels (based on auto pick on Carton sizing for Cartons only or pick pack information in accounting\ERP ) and  if the 3PL can send back an excel spreadsheet with the Purchase Order number and the tracking number side by side than we can use that to upload into our system for the ASN’s – that way we can automate the pick packing based on carton size and send back SSCC Labels via email with the tracking number for FedEx. This may be the best option moving forward for any deliveries that are outside of 3PL automation.


  1. TOE PickPack - The Order Exchange has a scan application that runs through a web page which will allow the 3PL to pick pack the goods and print SSCC Labels – that information feeds back into our system to send back the ASN document to SPS. We provide a login page to your 3PL that they can login via their PC, ipad (or maybe smart phone) – they need to connect it to a local scanner when using the web portal to scan items or items can be manually processed by selecting the item being packed – then they can print the SSCC Labels directly from that on their end.


  1. Full Automation – SPS will send a copy of the EDI Purchase Order to The Order Exchange – We import the Order into your accounting\ERP and send back a Purchase Order Response.

         SPS also send a copy of the EDI Purchase Order to the 3PL who is capable of doing EDI – that order gets picked and packed by the 3PL then shipped and send they send back an ASN through SPS who passes a copy to the Retailer and a copy to The Order Exchange. Alternatively we can send back an updated PO with changes made into the accounting\ERP that SPS forwards to the 3PL company.

 The 3PL picks , packs and sends the goods and a copy of the ASN to the Retailer and The Order Exchange receives a copy of that ASN with full details (pick pack information, SSCC numbers, tracking number) which we match up to the accounting\ERP  system.

East Side Clothing then Invoices the order and if the ASN matches the accounting\ERP system we send an Invoice back to the Retailer if required by the Retailer. We can check to see if we can populate the accounting\ERP system if William set something up for that or work with the accounting\ERP  to see what the best option is?