Before we get into the details of how we install and accredit you with your suppliers I would like to say “Welcome” and ensure that you are aware that we are here for you. We need you to understand that you can contact us at any stage for support or any questions you may have at any time. Also no question is “stupid”, if there is a question you have then we would rather that you have the answer rather than dwelling on it. We tend to say that EDI is a ‘team sport’ and by that we mean that there are multiple players involved and we all need to ensure we work together so think of us as an extension of your company and ask away!


So let’s get started!


The process we go through is as follows

1.            Install and setup a test system on your system 

2.            Proceed through the Accreditation Process

3.            Check the system and ensure it fits in as closely as possible to your current/desired process.

4.            Training

5.            Look for a “Go Live” date


Install and setup a test system on your system 

We are now ready to commence with the Installation of the program and will need a computer to install the system onto and access details to this system. When deciding on the computer to use we prefer to be as close (if not on) the computer that has the accounting data on it. Also of you have remote access available such as remote desktop (RDP) then we can use this, if you do not then we can set up TeamViewer so that we can access the machine. Note that if the machine is used by another user then we will need to potentially work around them. We will contact you to look at the machine to use.


Proceed through the Accreditation Process 

We will be requesting the accreditation tests from the retailer to be set up. This is done by retailer and may have multiple stages. We are reliant on retailer time-frames here but they are normally good. We will perform the test and liaise with retailer to ensure they are happy.


Check the system and ensure it fits in as closely as possible to your current/desired process 

During and after the testing we will check the invoice layouts and printing requirements in the test environment. This is done with you and we will endeavor to make sure that it fits in as close as possible to your pick/pack/invoice workflow.



Once we are all happy with the tests and process we will organize some training and Q&A time. This will include how to monitor the system and get support.


Look for a “Go Live” date 

The last step is to look for a go live date. At this stage the system is ready and running but it is just waiting for the go ahead and for trading partners to turn the data feeds on.


Support requests

Simply email support@theorderexchange.com.au. Alternatively (or if it is urgent) please call us on 1300 780 400.


During the first 2 weeks of going live we monitor the system and check to ensure we did not missing anything. If we find any issues then we discuss them with you and rectify any issues ASAP.


After that we normally have you running along with no issues and enjoying the benefits of EDI! But remember to always contact us with any questions.