If MYOB Exo is printing the SSCC labels, or is passing the details to a 3rd party, then the fields below are available so the information required to print the correct SSCC label format and details can be done.

This is done by extending the SALESORD_HDR table. Note the scripts are configurable and the below are defaults, so the names below can be mapped to other field names by adjusting the script


FieldData TypeDetails
X_EDI_ISEDIORDERBooleanIs this order for EDI
X_EDI_ORDERNUMBERString(50)The original order number for the labels
X_EDI_DATETYPEString(50)The date type code
X_EDI_APPLICATIONIDString(50)The application id
X_EDI_DEPARTMENTString(50)The department code
X_EDI_DEPARTMENTDESCRIPTIONString(100)The department description
X_EDI_EVENTTYPEString(50)The event type code
The region name or id
X_EDI_MARKFORNAMEString(100)The store name
X_EDI_MARKFORCODEString(50)The store code
X_EDI_MARKFORADDRESSLINE1String(100)The store address line 1
X_EDI_MARKFORADDRESSLINE2String(100)The store address line 2
X_EDI_MARKFORSUBURBString(100)The store suburb 
X_EDI_MARKFORSTATEString(50)The store state
X_EDI_MARKFORPOSTCODEString(50)The store postal code
X_EDI_MARKFORCOUNTRYString(100)The store country
The Vendor Code

These fields should be added by your MYOB Exo consultant.