This article is in regard to when TOE is to use EACHES and when the client has CASES in their DEAR System. TOE needs to do work on the backend to accommodate this requirement.

The Client also needs to make these updates in their DEAR system.

1. In DEAR add how many items are per carton (set the carton quantity field). To do this, select the Dimensions option on DEAR’s left nav bar.

2.  On the Dimensions screen, fill in the Inner Carton Quantity and the Outer Carton Quantity:

3. Next, add Additional Attributes for carton barcodes. Go to Inventory → Products → [select product], General tab, to open up a product's detail screen.

Select the Barcodes set from the Additional Attribute Set dropdown field.

4. Go to the Additional Attributes tab and add a field named Carton Barcode.

5. Save your changes and repeat this step for other products.

6. Let TOE know when this work has been completed in your DEAR system.