The Order Exchange can build custom adapters based on various technologies. The main adapter types we see fall into 4 categories being

  1. REST/Web Services
  2. Database Direct (SQL/OLEDB/ODBC)
  3. Files (XML/JSON/CSV/Text)
  4. Database Read/File Import

For each of these setup the  "touch points" are the same, and if not available then some of the touch points can be defaulted

Read Only Data

  • Get Items – returns a list of items with barcodes
  • Get Locations – Returns available locations (Optional)
  • Get Retailer specific information – Returns item information specific information (Optional)
  • Get Tax Codes – Returns available tax codes and rates (can be defaulted)
  • Get Customer – Returns a customer given a customer code
  • Get Customers – Returns a list of available customers
  • Get Sales – Returns a list of sales for a given order number. Note this will need to include the status “On Order” (not processed) or “Invoiced” (processed). Also, if you are back ordering then you need to return the not processed and processed items.


  • Save Order – Saves the order into your system
  • Save Shipment - When using a 3PL, this can write the shipment data to your system

REST/Web Services

We can support a variety of different authentication protocols as well as xml/json payloads. Best practice is to also incorporate the last modified monikers

Database Direct (SQL/OLEDB/ODBC)

We can attach to SQL/OLEDB/ODBC compliant database and read data through TSQL or stored procedure calls. Data can be written to tables or via calling stored procedures and passing the date

Files (XML/JSON/CSV/Text)

We can read data from XML/JSON/CSV/TEXT or other delimited files found in either ftp folders or UNC paths. To write data we can produce files in nearly any given text format

Database Read/File Import

We can combine methods such as reading data from a database, but all write commands to be done by import files

Sample rest calls, database calls, and file formats can be seen below. Please contact us if you would like a customer adapter written for your system.