Sometimes retailers orders items in one UOM, and the user store it in a different UOM. In this scenario we use TOE UOM conversion setup to do the conversion.

When we send the 940 to the freight company sometimes we need to send the same UOM user stores. But if it is not a valid UOM as per the standard list ,system defauls it to EA.

So we use this screen to convert the UOM user uses to a standard UOM before uploading to 3PL.

This screen is in Desktop App, under Lists > UoM Codes.

Ex: Retailer orders an order in EA, but user stores them in 12-PACK. We try to generate the 940, but with UOM 12-Pack. This will not be working as 12-PACK is not a standard UOM. So we use the screen to convert 12-PACK to CA. This screen will just convert the uom value only. No qty or price conversion.

To do above, the Source UOM should be 12-PACK and Target UOM should be CA.