For SAP By Design you can use the following structure in SOAP calls. Note the Inclusion Codes and Interval Boundaries must be set as desired (See tables below)


Selection Parameters:

Query selection parameters are mainly exposed as select options or ranges, with an inclusion/exclusion code, interval boundary type code, lower boundary value, and upper boundary value.

Inclusion Exclusion CodeDescription


The interval boundary type code (element name IntervalBoundaryTypeCode) is used to describe intervals by their boundaries. Depending on the operator, the lower boundary value or both boundary values are relevant.

Interval Boundary Type CodeNameDescriptionLogical Operator
1Equal toSingle Value=X
2Between(Excluding upper boundary)Interval with closed lower and open upper boundary[X, Y)
3BetweenInterval with open lower and open upper boundary(X, Y)
4Between (excluding both boundaries)Interval with open lower and open upper boundary(X, Y)
5Between (excluding lower boundary)Interval with open lower and closed upper boundary(X, Y]
6Less thanInterval with unlimited lower and open upper boundary< X
7Less than or Equal toInterval with unlimited lower and closed upper boundary<= X
8Greater thanInterval with open lower and unlimited upper boundary> X
9Greater than or Equal toInterval with closed lower and unlimited upper boundary= X


Transmission Request Code in RequestedElements specifies which elements shall be returned

1The node element, all its elements and its child node elements and all their elements shall be returned.
2The node element and all its elements shall be returned.
3The node element and its key elements shall be returned.
4The node element and its child node elements shall not be returned.