The application uses some settings found in the theorderexchange.exe.config file.  These are as follows

  • API.URI : The address of the order exchange online api for items such as store information
  • RESOURCES.URI : The address on the order exchange resources for downloading
  • TestMode : Optional true/false. If in test mode then the system will use the connection string found in the application configuration file and use extended logging
  • useODBCLegacy : Optional true/false. Only for ODBC connections that use legacy calls such as XTuple
  • IsCloud : Optional  true/false. Set to true if using the cloud based version of the software

and example of the values is shown below


<add key="API.URI" value="" />

<add key="RESOURCES.URI" value="" />

<add key="TestMode" value="True" />

<add key="useODBCLegacy" value="false" />

<add key="IsCloud" value="false" />