You can override values in the information sent using the Overrides area under the supplier menu.

This should only be done by a qualified system administrator.

You can override values on the following documents

  • Document (Prevalidate)
  • Document (Validate)
  • Document (Validated)
  • Invoice
  • Order
  • OrderAck
  • OrderChanges
  • Shipment
  • ItemRegistryType
  • ItemList

You can pick which retailers this override applies to (blank for all)

You can pick which freight company this override applies to (blank for all)

You can use either XPath or Lamda expressions

Notes around Paramatized Value 

  • You can use '{}' values for supplier, invoice, and document objects when available
  • (blank) can be used to indicate a blank string
  • You can apply rules such as 
    • R: (Right)
    • L: (Left)
    • F: format
    • D: Date format
  • When using XPATH you can also use
    • relative:
    • = (formula) -> ensure you spaces between the mathematical symbols Wrong A+B. Correct = A + B


Use the XML XPath to locate a specific node or node list 

Example #1 : Set the shipment identification to the first 6 didgiets of the GS1 number, followed by 2 zeros, then the last 8 characters of the invoice number

Object : Shipment

XPath : 

Property Name : ShipmentIdentification

Paramatized Value :  {SUPPLIER.CompanyGS1Number:L:6:0}00{INVOICE.InvoiceNumber:R:8:0}

Example #2 : Set the quantity left to receive to the ordered quantity - the shipped quantity

Object : Shipment

XPath : /rsx:Shipments/rsx:Shipment/rsx:OrderLevel/rsx:ItemLevel/rsx:ShipmentLine

Property Name : rsx:QtyLeftToReceive

Paramatized Value :  =rsx:OrderQty - rsx:ShipQty


You will need to supply an Lamda expresession that selects the values to be updated, the property to be updated, and the value to update. You will need to refer to the document structure and definition to work out Lamda's and allowed values.

Example #1 : Set the shipment date type 17 to be today's date

Object : Shipment

Lamda Expression : Shipment.Header.Date.Where(DateTimeQualifier1 =="Item017")

Property Name : Date1

Paramatized Value : {DATETIME}

Example #2 : Set the ItemScheduleQualifier to 068.

Object : OrderAck

Lamda Expression : OrderAck.LineItems.SelectMany(LineItemAcknowledgement)

Property Name : ItemScheduleQualifier

Paramatized Value : Item068