The Order Exchange supports a number of command line arguments as described here.

Usage: theorderexchange.exe
-? help
-s run in silent mode
-u=<User Login Name> run just for this account/supplier

-3PL=<3PLCODE> run just for this 3PL
-r=<RETAILERCODE> run just for this retailer

-autorun run the program, log in, and process

**If doing inventory report than also include retailer**

-d Run in debug mode (extra logging)
    -p=<Type> Can be SSCC. Need to  also supply -r,-u and either a carton file name or ordernumber/invoicenumber

If providing p=SSCC then the following are available
-cartonfilename= The carton file name
-ordernumber= The order number
-invoicenumber= The invoice number
-printername= The printer name
-pdfprint= set to true if to use pdfs to print
-emailaddress=a@b – used when using pdfprint and wanting to email the pdfs
-printtypes=C.P.T.D --used to determine pdfs to print when using pdfprint
    -printtoprinter= 1-- used with pdfprint when no printer name given if a printer name supplied then will always be true.Default value is also true

    -forcereanalyse=[true|false]-- used to force the system to reanalyse an invoice. Will not reanalyse if already uploaded