You should contact SPS Support for any of the following

  • Any questions about using or operating SPS Fulfillment (Web Portals)
  • Questions about sent documents
  • Why does my document have an error?
  • Did my document send correctly?
  • Why is my document “In Transit?”
  • Questions about data entry requirements
  • Questions about SPS Services
  • SPS Monthly Invoice
  • Adding Fulfillment Users or new Trading Partner

 Australia Team

Ph: 1300 532 383


US  Team

Ph: +1 888-739-3232


When Support has stalled it is possible to escalate to SPS Support Team Leader Jonathan Muyambi (25th July 2019)

When there is an urgent Prod Issue it has been advised that it is feasible to prompt SPS support teams to call each other instead of emailing.

We always advise customers to call SPS Support when there is an urgent Issue, and email when issues are less urgent. Support will raise the case over the phone and start looking into it right away.

PM's are always happy to escalate Support Cases when customers don't get a resolution. We send Escalations through to SPS Support Team Leader Jonathan Muyambi So if you're not getting the resolution to a case I'd recommend calling support to speak to the Analyst and then Escalating through Jonathan if required.

Support are generally pretty good at resolving, however if they require assistance on more technical Issues they will pull in someone from Implementations for assistance.