SPS are making a change to their EDI connection that must be ACTIONED ASAP as it is a mandatory change which is easy to make. Note that if you do not make this change then the Retailer’s connection on you will no longer receive any orders or send back Documents.

The change is to update the ‘hostname’ setting from ftp.spscommerce.net to ftp.spscommerce.com for all Retailers that you trade with through the SPS network.

This is done by simply following the instructions.

1: Open up “The Order Exchange” to the dashboard.

2: Click on the Settings Cog in the top right corner.

3: Select ‘Retailer Settings’. You will see a list of retailers you currently trade with electronically.  YOU NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS FOR EACH RETAILER.

4: Scroll down until you see the FTP Details area. The setting should currently say ftp.spscommerce.net and you need to change this setting to ftp.spscommerce.com .

Once you have done this you can click ‘Test Connection’ to check. Once completed you will see “SFTP connected successfully” in the bottom left. Do not change anything else

5: Click Save.

7: Repeat for any other retailers that your trade with through SPS and then exit the program

If you require any assistance on changing this setting then please reply to this email for assistance and we will arrange to call you to help.



The Order Exchange

0400 534 010