If MYOB v19 is starting to lock than it can be a number of things such as

  • Poor machine performance (they do degrade over time)
  • Poor network performance (they do degrade over time)
  • Windows updates causing issues
  • Virus software updates
  • MYOB data file issues
  • MYOB data file size
  • MYOB internal complexities

​You can try to optimise the file (recommended) but this is normally a short term fix.​If you are not using foreign currency I would recommend contacting MYOB in regards to upgrading to the newest version of MYOB. You just need the internal version but you can go to the cloud if your internal network/machines are old. (Note you can go to the internal version first and if it is slow then look at upgrade hardware or using the cloud).​I would recommend the update in your case as MYOB are now telling clients to get off MYOB v19 unless you are using multi-currency in which case you need to wait a few more months.​​​​

With MYOBs’ push to get clients off their older re-branded “Premier Classic 19” to the new version of MYOB AccountRight 2017+ we have provided some instructions and tips.​

We support both the cloud and local version of MYOB Account Right​If you need to go to the cloud version of the product then you can if you wish use the locally installed copy. 

To do this you must use the Server Edition (SE) as it is the most stable. The install can be located here http://help.myob.com/wiki/display/ar/Set+up+a+network#expand-Setupyourserver

You should test your upgrade procedure to the new MYOB version before arranging a cut over date​Make sure you test the reports you use in MYOB as some of these do not migrate across​Once you are ready to switch please call us to arrange a time. 

We will need to turn off the schedules before you migrate, then attach to the new MYOB when ready and turn the schedules back on. This will take around an hour to complete and we have capped the charge from our side to $100 ex GST. ​