Hi All

Order Exchange need to make a Mandatory update - can you please follow the steps provided below to update the program.

IF you get the Update required screen below - can you left click on 'Please Click here update version

This will bring up the program update file to run - left click on the 'Run' command button

Next screen may come up if security settings are turned on - click 'options' located at the bottom left

Then 'More Options' located at the bottom left

Then Select -> Run Anyway

This will bring up The Order Exchange Installation screen - Select 'Update Now'

If your Windows .Net Version is not at the correct version - please update 

If there is anyone still logged into our program - you will get the following error below - can you get everyone to log out of The Order Exchange

The Update now Button can be pressed again when everyone is out of the system - Press the ?Update now to continue

It will then go through and complete the install and load up the Order Exchange screen when completed - You should be able to log back into the Dashboard

Any issues let us know ASAP