First step is to setup the Licence In TOE - Go to Settings -> Supplier -> Licences

Under Scanning App - enter the Licence provided by SPS then select 'Refresh' button. You can get this license key by logging into SPS developer center 

You will need to create an application, we recommend calling this The Order Exchange

Fill in the descriptive details below

In step 2 choose 'Native Application'

For step 3 set the redirect URL to

Once you have done the above, step 4 will show you your application key for the label service (please use the production one)

It will open a SPS Webpage to login with the username and password 

Once Logged in it will return the credentials

It should come back that Licence is Authorised

Enter your username and password that you used on the developer portal

If the authorization does not navigate correctly when you click 'Log in'

 then it may be a local security issue. Cancel back to the license screen then hold the Shift key down when pressing the 'Refresh' button and that will open up the authorization web page in the default browser. You can then enter the access code into the input box.

Once that is done go to Settings -> List -> Labels

To Setup the Label first click 'NEW' at the bottom of the screen

then enter a Label name such as BigwAU

Choose a Label type - in this case we are doing the SPS SSCC Labels

Label ID should now be showing - choose the SSCC UID that will be used for this Retailer

Then Save

Then go to Settings -> Retailer Settings -> Retailer

Make sure the the Label Name from Label Definitions match exactly to Pallet Label Name etc...

Save Settings

Go back to Label Definitions and Test 

Note - first time a Retailer is being setup then the Label definition wont come through automatically