1. What kind of software will be installed a local server PC ?
    If the client is using an online/web based accounting system then we wont need to install the software locally.

    If you are using a local Database based ERP or accounting such as EXO, JIWA, Datapel etc... then we will need to install The Order Exchange EDI program that links to the ERP/Accounting system usually via an API adapter – it is recommended for performance, speed and reliability to be on the same server as the Accounting server – our program links to the Accounting  system database to read and write information. 
  2. Does it has to be on a server? how demanding is this program , in terms of memory/CPU ? 
    Strongly recommended to be on the Server – we find that going through the network can have speed and other issues – please speak to your Accounting system consultant’s as well if you want their opinion. We require very little memory space and performance – but if there is internet speed issues we can bring the database locally if that is the better performance option.
  1. What kind of backup does it require ? how often would one need to backup ? It won’t need backups for any new installations – our database sits online on our server. It still needs a local install for any desktop accounting systems  – any online accounting system such as Xero and Unleashed can be run off a web site and doesn’t need the local install.
  2. Does it need to be on the Accounting system server ? , where SQL is installed
    It is really highly recommended if we need to link to the SQL database – there tends to be a lot of issues and complications otherwise.
  3. How often do you need access to it ?During the testing and implementation phase we will need constant access to modify and test the connections, download and import orders etc… – we also recommend access once you go live for support if possible to speed any trouble shooting.
  4. Any other special requirement that you would need – We run an automation if requested through the Windows task scheduler that runs in the background in silent mode (usually every 30 minutes but can be modified to better suit business needs) – we can try to initiate the setup from our side but it will need to be modified and changed to the user admin account to have sufficient privilege’s to run even if the user is logged in or not – recommend helping you set this up before going live.
  5. does it require any particular rights/previlages ? To install we will need sufficient remote access privilege’s – the folder we create will also need sufficient privileges to run and create files and error logs – and if you are sharing the program over the network as a .exe network shortcut then those users will also need sufficient privilege’s to access that folder as well. There is no cost to how many people/users access our program but this setup and maintenance will be the responsibility of Bowen Logistics (however we will provide support at no cost as well and help you set this up). I have attached the instructions to better understand how this works. The program can also be shared as a RDP .exe connection directly to the server as an alternative or RDP access to the server install. Once installed we will need Accounting system SQL details to complete the install – If the Windows Authentication doesn’t have full permissions then we will need an SQL Server Authentication with enough privilege’s to read and write into the database.