When you right click with your mouse on the dashboard you will see a menu that  will give you access to a variety of options:

OPEN - Opens the selected item to display further details, this is the same as double clicking on it.

PROCESS - Processes the individual line that you have selected

SHIPMENT INFO - Takes you to the shipment information screen.

SHOW CHANGES - Shows you any changes made to the order.

PRINT - Gives you a range of documents to be printed including the order, shipping notice, delivery docket, manifest, invoice plus many more.

EMAIL - Allows you to email either carton labels or pallet labels

EXPORT -  Allows you to print either carton labels or pallet labels

APPROVE - Approves the order

CONFIRM CHANGE -  Confirm any changes you have made.

APPROVE & SET BATCH CODE - Approves the order and assigns a batch code.

SEND BATCH TO 3PL - Sets the batch as being sent to the 3PL

SEND DOCUMENT TO 3PL - Send the 3PL the required documentation.

AUTO PICK PACK - Automatically picks and packs all items on the order.

REJECT - Rejects the order

RESET - Resets the order to status of "New"

REIMPORT - Reimports the order to your accounting system.

REANALYSE - Rechecks the order against your accounting system to see if there any change made and then updates the order in TOE

REUPLOAD - Resends documentation to the Retailer

FLAG AS EXPORTED TO 3PL - Marks the order as being sent to the 3PL

ADVANCED - Changes the orders status.

EXPORT TO CSV - Downloads the information to a CSV file

COPY CELL - Copies the selected cell to allow you to paste the information elsewhere.