How do I get my orders in?

Tasks are scheduled automatically via your Task Scheduler to send and receive information to and from your retailer, warehouse and accounting packages.

You can also do a “manual”process at any point to refresh the system by clicking the process orders button at the top of the screen.

What happens when a process is done?

The Order Exchange connects to your accounting system first checks for any item changes and updates the table inside the database, then checks to see if there are any incoming orders. On receiving orders, the system checks and validates them before sending them off to your accounting package. The Order Exchange sends an acknowledgement off to your retailer to say that the order has been received.  At this point, if you are using a 3PL the system sends the required documentation. After a process has completed you can see how many orders have been processed, are currently processing and if you have any that require attention due to a validation error.

What happens if an order isn't validated?

Before The order Exchange sends orders to your accounting package, they need to be validated.  Sometimes when orders arrive there maybe something wrong with them and you will get an error message such as the one below:

An error has occurred in 'Importing Order' - 'Customer was not found in Accounting System. ''' 

The Order Exchange will give you a reason for the validation problem which you then need to fix. These orders will be shown in "Requires Attention"

There are a few reasons why an order may not be rejected - see our knowledge base article for the common reasons and how to fix them:

Validation Issues on an Order

My Order is in my account system, whats next?

Once your order has arrived in your accounting package you can perform your usual fulfilment process. The Order Exchange uses your accounting package as its "source of truth"meaning that you can change how many items you are going to provide, put items on back order or alter items. Any changes done from within your accounting system to an order will be picked up and sent back to the retailer when a process next occurs.

What Printouts can I get?

Individual printing of documents can be done bu right clicking on an order and selecting Print. Many of these documents can be set up to automatically print depending on the status of an order. If you need help setting anyone of these up, please contact 

How do I know when my 3PL has picked and packed my order?

When we receive the 3PL response we send the Dispatch Advice and update invoice status to AWAITINGINVOICE. If the order is already invoiced at this stage it gets sent at the same time. 

You can see the history of the order and any files that have been sent two and from retailers and 3PL's

I'm ready to invoice, what happens now?

Once you have invoiced your order from the within your accounting system, The Order Exchange will automatically pick up the details and send the invoice to your retailer when a process is done. You can also manually force through a process by clicking on the green process orders button at the top of the screen.

Is there any house keeping I should do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Each week it is a good idea to double check any orders that are outstanding to make sure that you have processed everything that needed to be processed, and have dealt with any validation errors.