Bunnings have advise that the following stock have arrived at stores but they didn’t receive the electronic invoices in time before the stock arrived.

It just may be that the orders were not completed in time in the accounting system, or that it was sent to Bunnings but the data didn’t arrive at the store, please check your system to see if there are any issues.

You need to action these quickly so you don’t get charged for manual processing of the invoices.

Firstly check to ensure the order has been completed in your account/ERP system. If it has not then please confirm and complete it. Then go to the Order Exchange Dashboard and look up the order. If it is not at a stage of completed then please right click the order and choose process. Once Processing is finished the order should go to a 'Completed' state

Below is a screenshot of  where to see what was to send back to the retailer.;

If the invoice was completed and order not sent back to Bunnings or the Order does not go to a completed state then please contact us so we can investigate.