A selection of processing options are available for use when operating within The Order Exchange.

To access these options simply select the Action drop-down box on your dashboard, select the processing option you require, and press Process:

Below is a list of available processing options:

All - Processes all orders both incoming and outgoing. This includes pulling orders from the FTP service, validating, and processing orders to and from the accounting system.

Download and Validate - Will pull all new orders from the FTP service and validate them, but not process them further.

Inwards - Will send any order ready to import into the accounting system. This will not check the FTP service for new orders or validate orders.

Outwards - Sends orders that are in the status READYTOUPLOAD to the FTP service. Will not analyse or bring in new orders.

Analyse Only - Will update any orders in The Order Exchange that have been changed/updated within the accounting system, but will not send them to the FTP service.